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Harper Government’s Low-Tax Plan for Jobs and Growth
March 22, 2021

On Tuesday, Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, introduced the Next Phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan to complete Canada’s economic recovery.

Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government is focused on the economy, supporting hard-working Canadians and their families, and completing and securing the economic recovery.

Today, we introduced the Next Phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan: a low-tax plan for jobs and growth.

As part of that plan, we will:

  • work to keep taxes low
  • undertake additional targeted investments to support jobs and growth
  • control government spending to stay on track to eliminate the deficit
  • not cut transfer payments for crucial services like healthcare and education
  • not give in to the Ignatieff/NDP/Bloc Québécois Coalition’s demands to impose massive tax hikes

Our Government is focused on securing our economic recovery, while improving the financial security of workers, seniors and families.

We have a responsible plan to achieve these goals — a plan that’s working and that needs to stay on track.

The Coalition is now faced with a choice: opportunism, or the principle of working together to secure our economic recovery.

The Harper Government is taking the right action for families in Canada and our economic recovery.


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