Robert Sopuck -- Dauphin—Swan River—Marquette
Canada's Choice
March 26, 2021

On May 2, Canadians will choose between the principled leadership of Stephen Harper and the political opportunism of Michael Ignatieff.

They’ll choose between a stable government and a reckless Coalition; between a low-tax plan for jobs and growth and high-tax agenda that will stall our recovery, kill jobs and set you and your family back.

We need to complete the economic recovery. We need to keep creating new jobs and protecting existing jobs. We need to help families whose budgets are stretched. We need to lower taxes. We need to ensure Canada has a stable national government.

Canadians know that a Liberal vote—in any community, anywhere in Canada—is vote for Michael Ignatieff. It’s a vote for an opportunist who only came back to be Prime Minister; a vote for higher taxes and a vote for a reckless Coalition.

With so much at stake, why would we risk changing course?

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