MP Sopuck Hails Tax Cuts and Savings for Hardworking Canadians

May 29, 2021

For Immediate Release May 29, 2021

OTTAWA–Robert Sopuck, Member of Parliament for Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette
hailed a report by Canada’s budget watchdog which says Canadians paid $30 billion less in taxes this year to Ottawa — nearly $1,000 per person — due to tax cuts implemented by the Harper Government since 2006. The Parliamentary Budget Officer reports that personal income taxes have been cut by $17.1 billion.

“I am proud of the fact our government has decreased taxes over 150 times since 2006, and now we can see the results in savings for all Canadians.”

MP Sopuck also noted the report finds that the tax cuts particularly benefit low income earners, which includes households with incomes between $12,200 and $23,000.

“Money earned by hard-working Canadians should stay where it belongs, which is in their own pockets, not government coffers. The report clearly shows that Canadian families are paying lower taxes under our government.”

MP Sopuck brought attention to the fact the reduction in the GST has saved Canadians $13.3 billion this year. “Lowering the GST by two percent was a key campaign promise in 2005, and we have delivered on our promise and we are delivering for Canadian families.

“The opposition has consistently called for tax increases, from a Carbon tax to payroll taxes. Only the Conservatives can be counted on to keep taxes low in this period of economic recovery.”

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