Sopuck supports Government’s Safe and Accountable Rail Act

February 27, 2022

Ottawa, ON – Today Robert Sopuck, Member of Parliament for Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette, announced that he supports our Government’s Safe and Accountable Rail Act.


“Our Government continues to make the safety and security of Canadians a top priority,” said Sopuck. “This new legislation will improve railway safety and strengthen oversight while protecting taxpayers and making industry more accountable to communities.”


Bill C-52: The Safe and Accountable Rail Act proposes amendments to the Canada Transportation Act and Railway Safety Act. The amendments include:


  • Implementing a new liability and compensation regime for federally-regulated railways, including minimum insurance requirements
  • Creating a compensation fund financed by levies on crude oil shippers
  • Increasing information sharing between departments and agencies
  • Implementing stronger oversight powers for inspectors on behalf of the Minister of Transport


“These are important updates to our already rigorous rail safety regime,” Sopuck said. “This legislation will update our existing laws and regulations to ensure that the safe transportation of products via rail remains the highest priority for our Government.”




Quick Facts


  • Proposed amendments to the Railway Safety Act provide the Minister with the authority to issue a Ministerial Order requiring a company to take corrective measures if it is believed to be implementing its SMS in a way that could compromise railway safety.


  • Federal railway companies must obtain and maintain legislated minimum levels of insurance based on the type and volume of dangerous goods they carry. Minimum insurance levels will vary from $25 million for no or low quantities of dangerous goods up to a maximum of $1 billion for substantial quantities.


  • Shippers of crude oil will be required to pay a levy per tonne of crude oil shipped to build up a supplementary fund to pay for damages exceeding a railway’s minimum insurance level if an accident involving crude oil occurs.


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