The Liberals need to support Canadian jobs and the Energy East pipeline

February 25, 2022

Lately there has been much discussion around the Energy East Pipeline project. Mayors, Premiers, and elected officials in Ottawa are all weighing into the discussion. What needs to be recognized at every level of government are the national benefits and job creation that pipelines bring. It goes without saying that all large infrastructure projects, including pipelines, need to pass through a rigorous environmental and community approval process.

However, the Liberals have demonstrated that they do not understand this. There is no reason that pipelines cannot be supported in principle by federal leaders, just as they support essential agriculture, urban development or manufacturing infrastructure. During the construction of Energy East we would see 634 jobs created in Manitoba. Manitoba would also receive $466 million in tax revenue.

Canada as a whole would stand to gain over 14,000 jobs during construction and over 3,300 during the first 20 years of operation. Federal leadership is needed to advance energy infrastructure. Prime Minister Trudeau and Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr should be federal champions for responsibly built pipelines. Pipelines create jobs and they are by far the safest and cleanest way to move oil.

Sadly, the Liberals have demonstrated that they do not support Canadian jobs in the energy sector. They even went as far as to vote against showing that they support the sector at all. You can count on me and the Conservative Party to continue to stand up for Canada’s energy sector.

Robert Sopuck, MP
Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa