Trudeau’s spending commitments are $0 for Canada

January 4, 2022

It’s taken barely two months for the Liberals to drastically increase spending, including almost $2.85 billion to be spent overseas on vague international climate change initiatives (that’s $0 in Canada). The Liberals’ spending means that Canadians’ money is going to countries with larger economies than Canada, and while we all care about the environment, it is difficult to see this as the right approach when Canada is only responsible for 1.6% of global CO2 emissions. The Trudeau government has yet to explain why their carbon tax is the right approach and how sending money overseas will accomplish real and tangible environmental benefits here in Canada.

This money was unilaterally spent without Parliamentary approval or even while Parliament was sitting. This leaves Members of Parliament unable to hold the Liberals accountable for their spending, or even able to see where that money is going beyond scant public details.

The Liberals have shown that their priorities are not to invest in rural Manitoba, create jobs, or keep taxes low for Canadian families. Instead, they jetted over to Paris with billions of dollars of Canadians’ money to be spent on expensive environmental projects. Many of these projects have unclear goals and will do little to combat international climate change. Yet the Liberals have committed billions of dollars to an international climate change fund that will give money to developing third world countries.

Between the Liberals’ overseas spending, their cancellation of the Conservative low-tax plan, massive planned deficit spending, and their significant reduction of Tax-Free Savings Accounts, Manitobans will be quickly feeling the effects of a big Liberal government in Ottawa.

I will continue to ask questions of the Liberals on how specifically their big government spending will benefit Manitobans and Canadians. Government spending is about priorities, and the Trudeau government has proven that their priorities are wrong.

Robert Sopuck, MP
Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa